The Best Sports Bra Fit and Care Guide For Fitness-Freak Modern Women

Amongst the activewear wholesale, purchasing and caring for a sports bra can be quite complicated. The right fit is hard to find and if not cared for properly then a sports bra that used to fit perfectly before may no longer offer proper support. Get the right fit and know how to care for your sports bra by following this useful guide.

It’s crucial that your sports bra has the correct fit in order to get the support that you need. No, bra measuring is not rocket science but there are a few schools of thought as to the best measuring technique.

How to Get the Perfect Bra Size?

Measuring the bra size is basically a quick, 3-step process. To begin, put on your non-padded, best-fitting bra and get hold of a soft measuring tape.

Size Of The Band

The first step here is to measure the band size. Slowly exhale and snugly wrap the measuring tape around you rib cage, right underneath your breasts. To be sure that your measurement doesn’t come incorrect, ensure that the tape measure is level all around. Round to the nearest even number and the number you get is your band size.

Breast Size

The next step is to measure your breasts. Taking the measuring tape, wrap it around the fullest part of your breasts. Round up to the nearest inch and use this number as the breast size.


Lastly, you need to subtract the band size from your breast size and use the chart below to determine the cup size. Usually, the rule is that one inch represents one cup size. If you are a retailer reading this blog and wondering how to grab some cool, practical wholesale activewear Australia to add to your store’s fitness clothing collection then make sure to contact an illustrious activewear manufacturer today!

Difference Between Band and Bust Your Cup Size
0-1 A cup
1-2B cup
2-3C cup
3-4D cup

Buying the Sports Bra…

In order to make sure that you have got the right size and fit, check that:

  • The band of your bra is lying flat and straight against your back.
  • When you are trying on the bra you are able to wear it comfortably on the loosest hook.
  • Your skin doesn’t bulge over your band while wearing the bra.
  • The straps of your bra are tight enough on your shoulders.
  • You have picked up the perfect cup size that don’t cause any ‘spillage’.

How to Wash a Sports Bra

Taking appropriate care of your sports bra and identifying when it is time for a new one can help make sure that you are always getting the support that you are looking for.

The best way to extend the lifespan of your bra is to wash the sports bras by hand. It can not only prove to be gentler on the fabric but can help to retain the elasticity.

To give your sports bra a good handwash, first you need to fill your sink with lukewarm water and add alcohol-free detergent to it. For around an hour, soak your bra before gently using hands to massage out any dirt. After this, rinse it in the cool water and allow it to air dry.

If you feel more comfortable using a washing machine then ensure to use a lingerie bag, setting the machine to the gentlest cycle. To prevent it from getting caught in the machine, seal any clasps that you may feel can get stuck. You should still air dry it even if you use a washing machine to wash your sports bra. Always remember, that the heat from the dryers can warp the elasticity of your bras.

How Long Should You use a Sports Bra

Always keep this in mind that a sports bra is never meant to be used for more than a year. The older your bra gets, the more its elasticity can wear out, thus providing you less support. Loose bands, broken hooks, poking underwire and the visible signs of fraying can also mean that it’s time to go for a new one. Remember, if you have lately gone through a weight change, it means that your bra size has also changed and you are going to require new sports bras to accommodate.

Having to say goodbye to a favorite sports bra can be difficult but identifying when it’s time to opt for a new one can be almost as major as sizing!

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