We Are Private Label Fitness Apparel Manufacturer

    As a renowned private label fitness clothing manufacturing unit, we play an indispensable role in making a difference in the apparel industry. From making sure of quality and quantity, to setting up the latest production and design infrastructure, we make it all happen.

    With us you get:

    Best wholesale prices, discounts on bulk order of our products.

    •  Clothing pieces churned out of quality fabric for superior fit and comfort.

    • MOQ for private labels is not that high at all!

    • Punctual and fast delivery of your bulk orders at the desired destination.

    Activewear Manufacturer has been helping private label clothing manufacturers to do away with any kind of stock-souring issues as we have a commendable catalog of varied clothing options. We take our job very seriously and hence would like to introduce to you some of our product categories.

    We have helped dozens of brands to build their own private Label Clothing!

    Ride the Fitness Wave with Our Private Label Clothing Manufacturing

    Fitness, exercise routines are all over social media and everyone is getting all riled up to join the wave. We, as a popular private label clothing manufacturer in USA, understand the indelible urge of the business owners to come up with their own clothing line and we are here to help the fitness apparel industry grow in leaps and bounds. We, at wholesale custom fitness clothing manufacturer, have made a pledge of excellence and hard work, both of which we are going to help all business owners/retailers to help them march towards their business goals.

    Activewear Manufacturer believes that fitness is the right foot forward for us as a culture and race; that we should pursue it with zeal never seen before. Activewear Manufacturer is ready to do its part as a top manufacturer in conjunction with the business owners.

    Private Label Workout Clothing

    Workout clothing is an absolute necessity with more people joining the weight lifting and cross fit culture. Our workout apparels are made of the best quality fabrics that absorb sweat and reduce any kind of drag or friction.
    In fact, this segment of wholesale workout clothing manufacturer is the most flexible of them all and isn’t tailor made for any single type of training. From walks in the park and half marathons, to Cross Fit challenges in their local gym, your customers will find all their right workout gear from this segment.

    We have a wide range of products that will give your private label variety and entice more customers to buy from you. In fact, when you bulk order from us, we help you create a customer base with our quality manufacturing processes. You can come up with any specifications ranging from the apparel size, fabric, color, design and more, we cater to your bulk clothing requirements the exact way you want!

    Private Label Gym Clothing

    Made for people who like to go hard core while sweating it out in buckets, these range from compression wear to shorts, joggers, vests, and t-shirts! In fact, in many ways these apparels peak performance with better muscle grip and increased blood flow.

    Available in colors of every shade, Activewear Manufacturer’s wholesale gym clothing manufacturing segment is made for hard core drilling and explosive training. The gear is based on scientific designs and material, and we are proud to have a research and development wing which makes sure that everything keeps innovating and getting better with time. In fact, some of our gym clothing is so light weight; your customers are going to feel super comfy! If you want to start a fitness private label brand, this collection of ours is a definite must-have.

    Private Label Yoga Clothing

    When it comes to yoga, the only thing we can think of is bliss and peace of mind. What all of us tend to forget is that yoga exercises need proper gear to make sure that practitioners can hold proper form over long periods of time. They must be light weight, tight fit, and stretchable to ensure optimum performance and our yoga clothing ticks all of those check boxes. We have followed yoga experts over the years and surveyed them in order to narrow down to the best material along with the right amount of stretchability and lightness when producing wholesale yoga clothing for our bulk buyers. In fact, no matter what colors your customers demand, we have it all lined up for them. You can easily go the custom way and spell out your requirements!

    Private Label Sports Apparel

    Also known as performance wear, this collection will give a unique edge to your private label brand. No matter what sport it is, you will find the proper outfit for it in this collection. In fact, since we believe in excellence, we have had professionals design our line of sportswear to maximize ergonomic advantage to sportspersons. Different for all kinds of sports and events, bulk Activewear Manufacturer has specialized sportswear for swimming, cycling, track and field, power lifting, etc.

    In a segment so diversified, we have made sure that our development team makes only the very best of clothing to help athletes reach the zenith of their performance. When you bulk order your private label sports clothes from us, we guarantee that you will be recognized soon as a sportswear brand amongst your customers.

    White Label Clothing Manufacturer

    All of our private label clothing collections are white label and ready to be rebranded with the insignia of your retail dream. We make sure that we uphold the best quality as every private label business owner that works with us, is in ways our representative like we are theirs (though we don’t go about broadcasting it, but cherish our professional bond). By closing working together, we can create a fitness clothing industry that will truly overwhelm the rest in its utility and style.

    If you have been just dreaming of your own clothing line, it is time to act without dilly-dallying with a bucket of business ideas. Take the plunge, don’t think much as it is worth taking risk at times! We promise to be your support system and serve you in the best possible way. Just fill up the form below and send us your custom requirements; we would be happy to see your business dreams, getting fulfilled!