‘Activewear Manufacturer’ brings a large catalog that includes every type and variety of custom activewear for women and men you can think of. From yoga leggings and sports bras to compressions and workout tees – we have it all to meet your any and every wholesale need.

Yes, we do! ‘Activewear Manufacturer’ is one of the top private label activewear manufacturers. So, whether you want to launch your own branded leggings or want private label gym clothes – at ‘Activewear Manufacturer’, we assure to give wings to your dream of launching your own line of activewear.

At ‘Activewear Manufacturer’, in our goal to expand and become a global leader in this segment, we are always looking to partner with new distributors. If you want to become our distributor, please reach out to us. Go to this ‘become a distributor’ page and fill out the form. We will connect with you soon.

We use superior quality cotton, polyester, nylon, and other fabric materials in our activewear. We have multiple quality checks in place that ensure our raw materials uphold the highest quality standards, as well as the final manufactured products, match our reputation as the best activewear manufacturer in the world. So, with us by your side, don’t expect anything less than outstanding quality wears.

This depends on what type and variety of wholesale you’re buying. It also depends on the size of your bulk order. Please reach out to us with the product you want to buy wholesale, we will tell you the price.

Absolutely. We offer additional discounts on our wholesale products. Contact us to know more about our pricing and discounts.

We understand different wholesalers, distributors and retailers have their own distinct needs and requirements. This is why we offer a simple and straightforward customization option. When placing your order via the order form on product pages, let us know how you want to personalize your bulk. We will connect with you within 24 hours to confirm the order and get more information about your customization requirements. Let us know what variety of custom activewear you want and we will make it happen for you.

‘Activewear Manufacturer’ caters to clothing businesses around the world. Contact us to know if we can fulfill orders in your country.

Our activewear is made using premium quality materials and state-of-art technologies. The tops, bottoms, and outwears are not just extremely comfortable with high wicking and ventilation but they are also stylish. To that, we price our wholesale activewear very competitively, which adds an edge to ‘Activewear Manufacturer’ over competitors.

This is fairly simple. Browse through our collection and pick a product you want to order. Use the order form on that product page. Let us know the quantity as well as other specific requirements. We will connect with you within 24 hours to get more information and confirm your order.