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    We, Activewear Manufacturer, are one of the top wholesale blank fitness clothing manufacturer in the United States with an ambition to grow further in the realm of fitness clothing and become a world-wide company in the truest sense. Our ambition is backed by our commitment to our craft, our clients, and our consumers.

    At Activewear Manufacturer, we have made all the effort to form a symbiotic relationship with our distributors and benefit the activewear apparel industry above anything else. For years, this industry has been wronged by faux companies that have not remained true to their efforts in serving and delivering to consumers who are bent on achieving peak performance. However, with our activewear clothing, this era is finally over and customers who purchase their apparels from the retailers/business owners who, in turn, source their stock from us, are more than happy with the results. It is this phenomenon created by our products that have made us one of the best fitness clothing manufacturers USA.

    Our Fitness Clothing Catalog is Extensive and Filled with Variety

    At Activewear Manufacturer, we have devised a fitness clothing catalog that is truly extensive and covers all forms of fitness fashion from leggings, sports tees, tank tops, sports bras, to hoodies, jackets, track suits, and much more. With a brochure that covers almost all types of fitness apparel there is, we still believe in adding more and more variety to it, to make your choices different and easier.

    As one among the best among wholesale fitness apparel suppliers to our distributors, we enjoy nothing more than their ecstatic response to our ever-expanding line of fitness clothing that makes their consumers and clients happy. We have seen the kind of monotony that had become a part and parcel of the fitness clothing industry and we have tried our level best to turn it around throughout the past few years having gained considerable success in doing so. But, we aren’t satisfied still and have design and research teams looking into every aspect of sports clothing, including fabric blends, seams, better sewing and other technicalities.

    We don’t just want a catalog that shows and looks the best; but rather have one that covers 360 degrees of quality and functional aspects of fitness clothing for our clients.

    Become a Private Label Fitness Clothing Brand Owner

    Activewear Manufacturer also believes in delivering its world class fitness products to sports entrepreneurs who have started private label clothing brands. Our blank fitness collection is tailor made for these people who in their own way want to contribute something to this worldwide fitness revolution with their private label brand.

    Our blank fitness apparel is available in hundreds of different designs and apparel styles making it a truly growing collection for the benefit of our private level partners. Additionally, all our regular versions are available in a blank fitness apparel version that is for our private label partners. We are planning on getting more into this collection and help our private label associates grow better and benefit all in the industry likewise, because we as a private label fitness clothing manufacturer, believe that every enterprise who is trying to contribute in their own way to the excellence of the fitness clothing industry will eventually benefit us all.

    We are An OEM Fitness Apparel Manufacturing Company

    As an OEM or original equipment manufacturing company, we make products for our retailers and private label brands, which they then market as their own and consumers buy from them. Activewear Manufacturer has an extensive collection of OEM apparels with superior quality to make sure that your brand name makes something of itself.

    OEM Manufacturing takes even more effort on our part as retailers show their trust and we want to make sure that we don’t let them down in any respect. Our OEM collections go through multiple levels of checking and rechecking to make sure that all of it is flawless before it starts donning the stores of our customers. It is this ethic that puts us on top of other fitness clothing wholesale suppliers.

    What we Offer You as Our Partner

    At Activewear Manufacturer, we know how to take care of our partners and we also make sure that we can put together a large enough network so that we can serve all retailers and distributors who want to join with is. Here’s a look at some of the expected benefits you get when you come on board with us

    1.  Lower Minimum Order Quantities to increase our accessibility with smaller retailers and distributors

    2. Best rates on bulk orders to make sure that quality fitness clothing reaches all over the market

    3. Fast delivery system that will ensure that your bulk orders always reach you on time, no matter what

    4. A network that spans in countries like United States, Australia, and Canada among others.

    With so much to offer, Activewear Manufacturer would be more than glad if you wish to join us and make us your partner in your journey towards excellence and quality in the fitness fashion industry.

    Become a Activewear Distributor

    We have shown our hand and what we have to offer you as our distribution partner. Now it is time we tell you what to expect. With us as your fitness wear manufacturer you can be ensured of premium quality, value for money, and excellent customer care services. In fact, we will make sure that our business relationship can finally become much more than that and we can create a new standard for fitness clothing.