Compression Clothing: A True Friend of The Players

The science behind sports has grown significantly in the past few decades or so and organizations as well as countries related to sports have started investing more and more in scientific research. Result? Players with greater fitness and endurance like never before. But these researches are not just restricted to endurance and fitness but they are also spread towards other aspects of the games including the player’s diet, clothing and more.

A new kind of clothing called ‘compression wear’ has arrived at the scene. With ever advancing technologies coming into play, compression clothing has become more critical than ever. After all, one of the best ways to enhance performance and that too without going for any extra training or effort is compression wear.

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In this blog, you will get to know plenty about what compression clothing is and how it helps the players.

What is Compression Wear?

You might have seen most players wearing a certain clothing piece beneath the shorts during the practice sessions and that is what you call ‘tights’ which is a kind of compression clothing. It fits tightly around the skin.

Compression clothing is basically a term which has come to be used for super tight and mostly vibrant colored garments. This kind of clothes also promises certain great benefits for health such as wicking property to decrease sweat pooling, keeping the body warm and the tightness that it offers is just perfect to ease blood flow. Above all, it allows freedom of movement. The technology behind compression wear can be applied to a wide variety of apparel like tights, shorts, socks, tees and more. But, the level of compression power isn’t the same in every garment. It depends on several factors such as the individual’s size and shape, fabric structure and material. If you are a private label business owner reading this blog and wondering how to grab wholesale top quality, highly functional private label compression clothing then make sure to connect with only the top among the private label sportswear manufacturers!

The popularity of compression wear reached heights as it effectively enhances the performance of the players and shortens their recovery time.

These days, the use of compression clothing is not just limited to players but every person who wants to remain fit and active in life can make good use of it.

How does Compression Wear Work?

It is designed in such a way so as to provide compression to the body, which as a result increases the blood flow and pressure towards the extremity of the limb. Several reports have proved that compression wear increases the uptake of oxygen to working muscle. In addition to this, it decreases the blood lactate levels, which is the reason behind better performances and training sessions.

Compression clothing greatly improves the delivery of blood to the exercising muscle and return of blood back to heart. It is believed to enhance the delivery of nutrients and oxygenated blood to the muscles which helps in better performance as a result. To improve recovery, compression clothing also help removes waste products from the body after practice sessions.

Some Unbelievable Benefits of Wearing Compression Wear

Though the science behind all of them isn’t conclusive but there are ample benefits of compression wear. The compression clothing is pretty much accepted and used today in every sport and not just in cricket and badminton.

Check out a Few Top Advantages of Wearing Compression Wear.

A Performance Booster

Compression wear can have a great positive impact on the performance of the players. Here is how it helps in improving the performance:

  • Better Flow of Oxygen To Muscles
  • Improved Jumping Ability and Power
  • Less Perceive Exertion Level

These three points have an important effect on the overall athletic performance of the individual.

  • Leads to Faster Recovery

Compression wear also helps in speeding up the recovery in addition to enhancing the overall performance of the players. Popular surveys have revealed that wearing compression clothing during matches and exercise sessions helps in a quick recovery.

  • Reduced Muscle Soreness

After the end of an exhausting match, muscle soreness is an inevitable phenomenon for players and compression wear can help in reducing that as it decreases muscle vibrations. Therefore the players wearing it are less likely to experience any sort of muscle soreness the following day.

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