5 Workout Ensembles for Ladies Ideal for The Hot Weather

To state the absolute truth- summer is a difficult time to work out. This is especially applicable if you have picked the wrong outfit to wear. Don’t complain if you turn into a pool of sweat because you chose you wore that cute pink t-shirt instead of the tank top.

Working out during the summer is difficult because you sweat. This increases the base temperature of your body and if you are wearing clothes which cover too much of the skin, you start feeling comfortable. Thus, picking clothes which allow proper air circulation and keeps you cool is important. But should you give up on the fashion quotient? Absolutely not.

So here, five such ensembles have been summarized. Each is functional enough to boost your performance, but have an elegant appeal as well. Keep reading to find out more.

The first ensemble pulls in inspiration from the neutral color trend that has been doing rounds in the circuit. A light blue hoodie worn over a pair of grey capris and a grey tank top is definitely soothing to the eyes and comfortable to wear. A pair of sneakers further completes the appearance with a bang. The light colors will reflect the heat and keep you considerably cool during an intense session.

As purple has been named the color of the year, it makes no sense to not include a tinge of purple to your gym ensemble. A grey sports bra underneath light pink full sleeves tank top combined with a pair of leggings in purple is ideal for a hot day. Complete the ensemble with a pair of white trainers and pull back your hair in a messy top bun to look ready for the gym and beyond.

Wholesale gym clothing manufacturers have finally added the quirkiest pair of leggings to their collection. A pair of leggings featuring multiple shades is the latest ‘it’ piece in the circuit that every lady needs to have in the fitness clothing wardrobe. To balance the textured appeal of the leggings, team it with a black tank top and bright sneakers. This toned down effect of the rest of the attire will allow the vibrant leggings anchor the look with a bravura seldom matched.

An all-grey fitness apparel ensemble is something that is worth the try. In fact, it is like the much-needed break from the usual white and black. A sports bra and a pair of sweatpants are sultry and comfortable. To add a little drama to the look, you can opt for different shades of the spectrum. Dark grey for the bra and a lighter hue for the pants will have a balanced appeal.

Cut out tank tops have become extremely popular over the last few seasons. Picking one with side cutouts in grey and wearing it over a light pink sports bra and a pair of black leggings is definitely praiseworthy. To complement the simplicity of the appearance, wear a pair of light pink sneakers. Effective and functional!

Thus, this summer, wear the best ensembles to the workout sessions. The above-mentioned ones are not only classy but also extremely functional. Each of the ensembles wicks moisture and promotes the performance. These allow maximum air circulation, thus keeping you cool even when the mercury shoots up. So pick the ensemble you like the most and make working out fun and fashionable this summer.

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