Womens Activewear Market is Moving, But Only Up!

When we take a look back at the women’s fitness clothing industry, the growth that can be traced is absolutely stunning. There was once a time when women would bank on modified men’s clothes,  a pair of shorts and a compressed t-shirt as the female activewear market was highly neglected by the sports clothing industry. But then, it was during the year 2014,  when women’s activewear industry really underwent a change, it went on a rise.


A change that was quite bankable, especially for the producers for they got a staggering response to it.
With the introduction of the athleisure trend, women were now spotted in yoga leggings and bright neon trainers even outside the gym, for lunch or shopping or just lying on the sofa. The reason- comfort and style infused together was something that could hardly be neglected.

When Did It Become a Movement!

If the surveys are to be taken into account, between 2010 and 2015, the activewear industry for women grew about 26.1% against to men’s 22.6%. If the trends continue, then the growth can raise by another 22.6% by 2020.
It was actually 2014, when the really growth could be felt as big brands and top echelon designers started allocating more space for women activewear in their collection. They started investing more and frequently updated their collection in the fitness clothing department. This trend continued for the following years, 2015 and 2016, only to rise and become more popular with the arrival of the year 2017. According to experts, this growing trend is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

And The Growth is Stunning Because..

The celebrities started sporting fitness wear as casual wear which further inspired the women to take notes from it and incorporate the style in their daily routine. The factor that drove women to join the fitness bandwagon has been quite simple; they sheer need to be fit and healthy, look and feel good rather. Producers took this an opportunity to craft the most stylish fitness clothes, which quickly became a wardrobe staple. This contributed to the growth of the activewear industry significantly. Also, constructing clothes for all shapes and sizes helped women to step out of their shell and feel good about them, all the while feeling relaxed.
With an increase in demand, the supply also increased, producing a perfect market situation where both seem to be at equilibrium. With resolutions to do well in 2017 and continue the trend at a significant pace, the activewear manufacturers are on a move and that is going only upwards.


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