What Your Sports Bra Preferences Say About You!

Just for fun, assume that every bit of apparel that you have in your wardrobe would let out something about you? What kind of person do you think you would be if that happened? Well, it’s something to think for another time, but this time, only your sports bra has to testify about you. We all know that sports bra wholesale manufacturers work with different makes and designs and that there are many options available for you; and yet, you end up with something you prefer more than the others. This blog looks to find out your choice says about you!

1. Plain Colors with or without contrasting borders

Probably the most common type of sports bras that you will find in every gym enthusiasts wardrobe. Women who are into this specific sports bra design are minimalists by nature and do not take much of an issue with the design and color combinations of their apparel. They would rather stay with the classics that will never fail them or make them a flashing blip on the gym radar. These women like their workouts intense and want to really sweat it out – undistracted and pushing themselves a hundred percent all the time.

2. Colorful Geometrical Patterns on Neutral Colors

People who obsess over geometric shapes have strong cognitive abilities and these women are no different. Likely to be above average intelligent, they want the assurance of symmetry everywhere and that is one of the reasons why the geometric prints on sports bras will always be an easier choice to make. So, if you are one of them, or spot one at your gym, you know now very well how you are likely to be a rather intelligent person and that should make you a little happier.

3. Abstract Color Patterns

Abstract color patterns are another very popular form of sports bra designs and these attract the thinkers and philosopher types. Seeing something worth connecting to in a labyrinth of random colors is not something that a lot of people can do. For that to happen, you need a thinking mind which is also creative. But these people tend to have short attention spans because they are always thinking and might get distracted easily; this might reflect badly on their workout progress. So, here’s a word of advice for them – learn to focus in the moment and give it your all to make sure that your weight rack keeps getting heavier.

Now that you know what kind of a person you are likely to be according to your sports bra choice, don’t wait up. Just grab your shopping bag and get on with it to see what attracts you more – happy shopping!