Ways To Make Your Activewear Closet Sustainable

Sustainable fashion, its the phrase thats in at the moment, but what is sustainable and ethical fashion, why is it essential and what can we do about it?

In basic terms, sustainable fashion is the movement towards a fashion system with social and ecological integrity. This addresses the entire cycle of fashion and all of the stakeholders: the producers, brands selling the clothes, and most essentially, the consumer.

In todays world, where climate change rules the headlines, sustainable fashion is seen as a perfect project in which we can work towards, yet how can we attain this?

Feel Local, Work Globally

To do your part in sustainable fashion, it is essential to support local businesses, wherever you can steer clear of brands that have to shop globally to reach you to save air miles. Try to reuse the packaging that you get with your purchase as well, support brands that restrict plastic use, and aspire to reuse any plastic in the order at least once. Ways to reuse plastic bags include using them to put mud-covered trainers in or to carry your post-gym snack along with you.


Another way to make your closet sustainable is by making your cleaning habits more eco-friendly. Spending on an eco-ball can act as a sustainable substitute to your daily tablets and washing powders, which contain damaging microplastics, known to be lethal to aquatic life. These balls are astonishingly durable and really last over thousand washes, saving you money. Simply cleaning your clothing at 10 degrees cooler could save you 57% electricity and will protect the dye from running and your clothing shrinking, particularly essential for your much-loved activewear.

Capsule Closet

Now you’re just purchasing quality articles of clothing made to last it is important to ensure that these articles of fitness clothing remain eternal. This means no Christmas-themed leggings which can just be worn once a year. Rather, concentrate on neutral shades, like blue and grey which can be worn for a range of gym attire. A bonus is purchasing fitness clothing so adorable it can be worn daily, like the collections made available at private label sports apparel manufacturers, which looks great styled in every circumstance.

Business owners if you want your customers to invest in quality clothing then make sure you’re offering them the best. Get in touch with the support team of famous wholesale gym clothing manufacturers and take a look at the collection they have to offer. Select pieces you like and place your order accordingly to the support team.

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