The Right Things to Pack in Your Gym Bag For A Lifting Session

With the widespread popularity of so many fitness methods in recent times, a lot of people have confused the gear requirements for a good ol’ lifting session.

So, to clear the air and send a clear message, this blog is going to line up what one would need to pick heavy stuff and kill every muscle – Arnie style!

Arnold Schwarzenneger, arguably the best body builder and 7 time Mr Olympia athlete, really defined a minimalistic approach to iron lifting. While things have changed a lot over the years, there is a certain guarantee in his methods that bring out the best no nonsense results anyone can hope for.

Heres Whatll Keep Your Gym Bag Light and Muscles Sore –

1.The Essential Gym Vest

Probably the most basic of gym clothes, the vest is light, open, and breathable. Allowing plenty of movement in all torso joints, it is ergonomically adapted to for the daily gym goer.

Arnold wore his almost absent strings over shoulders vest to help him get the best kind of gratification from his pumping veins and muscles. Be it his pectoral muscles or cannon ball deltoids, he loved taking a look at them every now and then.

2.The Gym Thigh Length Shorts For Leg Day

Leg days are probably one of the most gruesome and sore routine days anyone can go through during the whole gym week. To keep the motivation going, Arnie style, get the thigh length shorts for a good look at your quads, hamstrings, and calves during the workout.

If you do have weak legs, these shorts might work wonders for you like it did for him. He was so embarrassed about them, that he started working really hard on his leg days, and the rest as they say is history!

3.Gym Joggers For Every Other Day

However, showing your legs every day, might be a bit too much. Thus, the convenient joggers. These light, breathable cotton pants are elasticated at the ankles fitting them perfectly to avoid any drag effect towards the bottom from rigorous workouts.

Also, it’s pretty light-weight too and easy to carry in any sort of gym bag.

4.Flat Sole Shoes

Gymming bare feet is pretty dangerous, especially when you are chugging heavy weights and dropping them after sets. One wrong move and it could be an unwanted toe crusher. This is why, durable flat soles are the perfect shoes for the gym.

They allow you to dig your feet in while lifting and give your toes the safety they need while dropping.

This is all from Arnies basic weight lifting wardrobe that will definitely make your decision making of what to wear to the gym a lot more minimalistic. So, if you too are ready for change and looking to go old school, this is your wardrobe to be! With the fitness freaks just growing in number, the wholesale gym clothes manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned to add variety to their stock. This way it helps retailers dealing with gym clothes to appease their end customers, in a delightful way!


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