Mistakes That Men Should Avoid Making in The Gym

It’s not just when you are out on the roads, going to meet your babe for the first time, or heading to give your first job interview that first impression matters, it’s applicable when you are sweating hard in the gym as well. Now, you might know what to do to get a good body but do you know what to wear to the gym?

Stop Making These Five Common Mistakes:

Do not Wear Large Gym Clothes

They might look cool to you but wearing gym wear that is too big on your body is the worse thing. Fitness clothing that is too loose will make you appear small and will restrict your movement. If you are a size L, don’t go for XXL size, that won’t make you look stronger. In terms of material, go for a nylon-elastane blend and a fit that gives you freedom of motion. Fitted clothing will offer you the right aesthetic appeal and will help you to flaunt those nice biceps and abs. A tip would be to avoid the string tank tops!

Do not Opt For Cotton Tees

It’s natural to sweat while lifting some weight and doing some hard stretches and bends, so always go for moisture-wicking clothes that will keep you comfortable, dry, and cool. Buy some performance tees and workout shorts that are designed by well-recognized gym apparel manufacturers to draw sweat away from the body. Never invest in heavyweight cotton tees as they are known to hold onto moisture and make exercise uncomfortable. Always stick to synthetic materials.

Do not Go For Flip-Flops

Gym shoes always offer proper protection and support to your feet. When you wear the correct footwear, it improves your physical performance and lessens your risk of injury. Wearing the right gym shoes prevents you from slipping. Don’t be one of those who wear flip-flops in the gym. That’s more like giving an invitation to an accident to injure and hurt you badly.

Do not Wear Cologne

Remember, the gym isn’t a nightclub but it’s the place where you get assured of good fitness and health. So, there’s no need to empty your cologne, no need to use it at all. It could create a distraction to others in the gym (if you are an ‘’intense smell’’ lover). Lastly, the sweat blended with the cologne is enough to make people around you faint with a nasty odor. It’s better for you if you avoid using it.

Do not Put on Jewelry

Who wears heavy jewelry at the gym? You aren’t making a fashion statement but rather creating a style issue if you are someone who does that. Also, wearing heavy chains or bracelets can result in absolute discomfort and can lead to some scratches on them.

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