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The Impromptu Ways to Wear Your Activewear Outside the Gym for a Style Twist

There is no denial of the fact that athleisure has channelled itself into the mainstream fashion quite easily, and definitely loved by all, but there are a lot of myths that surround this fashion term. Yes, the athletic fashion statement has been regarded as too simple, casual and without any jazz. But is that true? Well, look at the celebs, you would spot them wearing the most glamorous avatars, be it at the red carpet events to the simple weekend errands quite confidently, in simple leggings or tracksuits.

The regular fashion norms are slowly getting defied by the wholesale manufacturers and designers, who are breaking the stereotypes and letting in newest trends in the global fashion scene. From bringing in athleisure, to jetleisure, streetnic wear and much more, the most state of the art fashion quotients are being brought up to help the fashion forward men and women try out the most overwhelming looks and silhouettes.

If you are wondering on how to wear the athletic clothes introduced by the leading activewear manufacturers, here are some style ideas to get them instantly.

Always Go for High Heels

The best way to break the pure sporty stance form your athletic clothes would be to replace the sneakers with the high heel footwear options. The four inch heel magic will turn you into the chic women on the street, whether you wear them with leggings and shirt, or with even the tracksuits for date nights or while hitting the airport for the next vacation. From stilettoes to platform heels, your choice might change with the type of athletic clothes you have opted.

Go Cold Shoulder

Get the badass and sultry sexy avatar as you team up the sporty athletic outfit with the cold shoulder puffer jackets or simple tops with the joggers, track pants or leggings. The cold shoulder jackets or tops when worn sliding down one shoulder to reveal your chic undergarments and ends up adding smartness and freshness to your attire. Definitely a very refreshing way to sport the athleisure fad.

The Versatile White Shirt to Accessorise

The athletic clothes of yours, from the graphic tank tees, to the sporty bottom wear can be worn with some smartness as you add the formal white shirt to their silhouette. Be it by layering the shirt on the tank tee, or by wearing it as a cold shoulder, or by simple wearing with the gym shorts, they look extremely offbeat and highly fashionable.

The Wide Legged Fun

Whether you wear the gym tee or the fitness jackets, make sure to ditch the simple and usual denims with the wide legged trousers. These are very funky and add to the retro feel of your persona quite effortlessly. Wear them in different shades, from, bright hues to the neutral tones and printed ones too.

Thus, the leggings by the wholesale leggings manufacturers or the joggers, you are supposed to think out of the way to make them look more stylish.


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