Five Types Of Fitness Training And Their Benefits For Women

Just like men, women also need a solid workout plan in order to maintain a healthy and a successful lifestyle. There are five types of basic training that women can under take to keep the body fit. It is not necessary to do them all together and in fact doing only one will definitely help in keep them healthy. Below stated in the blog are five types of workout process that women can chose to do.

Flexibility Training

This is amongst the most important form of fitness training because it provides a foundation for all other types of exercise. Since this exercise involves a lot of training hence it reduces the risk of injury, improve the flexibility of the muscles and acts as a solid arm up for a more grueling exercise. Flexibility exercises are an excellent way to improve your posture and breathing as well.

Dynamic Strength Training

Dynamic strength training is predominantly considered to be an anaerobic as well as isotonic exercise. This type of exercise strengthens the muscles with the help of a full range of motion. Weightlifting is a popular example of dynamic strength training. This type of exercise uses a resistance on muscles with the help of bench press, sit ups, etc.

Static Strength Training

This type of training is also called anaerobic exercise and it helps in maintaining the muscle strength and tone. Isometric training as it is also called are mostly of two types, submaximal and maximal. Submaximal exercises involve contracting of the muscles with less than the maximum strength, such as holding a dumbbell steady with arm fully extended outward. Maximal exercises involve contracting the muscles with full strength, such as yoga clothing wholesale pushing against an immovable object, etc.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system by increasing the heart rate and breathing. The exercises involve the usage of large muscle to perform rhythmic actions for a sustained period of time. Typically, they are done for longer than 15 minutes and should maintain the heart rate between 60 percent to 80 percent of the individuals maximum heart rate. Examples of aerobic exercise include fast walking, jogging, running, etc.

Circuit Training

Circuit training combines two types of exercise that is, strength training with aerobic exercise. This type of exercise involves jogging between exercise stations. By jogging between the stations, you maintain an elevated heart rate throughout the duration of the circuit. Typically, each station is performed for 30 to 60 seconds and continue the overall circuit for 30 to 60 minutes. This is an effective way to break-up the monotony of the usual workout routine.

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