5 Basics Of A Fit Woman’s Activewear Wardrobe

Fitness and women have never been poles apart. Now, with a revolution going around the world, more and more women are getting into their groove and creating history with their bodies.

From an increased number of women athletes and fitness coaches to killing obesity with 8 or 12 weeks transformations, they are definitely doing it all.
This fitness onus demands that they have a wardrobe dedicated to this part of life, so that they can keep stylish and peak performance hand in hand.

Retailers around the world are ordering from their wholesale private label fitness clothing manufacturer. So, we chalked up 5 basics that would help women have a holistic fitness wear wardrobe. Here’s a look –

5 Fitness Tank Top

Perfect in every sense of the term, this tank top is a definite must have. Available in a dozen colors if you look for them, it looks sexy and feels great while workouts.
Letting their skin breath and fitting well, these apparels form no hindrance during their workouts. Be it treadmill marathons, spinning, or cross fit exercises, women who work out should have a fitness tank top.

4 Yoga Pants

You might have a number of active wear trousers, but one pair of yoga pants is a must. These are generally made of cotton and help you breathe better while going into those serene yoga poses.

They are flexible like no other and fit the wearer like a dream. It is true bliss to practise is meditative art during the morning with proper its proper trousers.

3 Zumba Loose Dance Top

Zumba is a famous art form from Latin America that has now become a fitness regime as well. To Zumba in the right groove, dancers should wear the proper light fit dance top that is flowy and allows plenty of ventilation.
It’s definitely a must have for dance fitness enthusiasts.

2-3 Pairs of Specialised Sports shoes

One for cardio, with flexible soles and heavy padding to keep up with your tired feet! The other pair should have flat soles and light padding for cross fit and weight lifting exercises.

Last but not the least, a pair of dunk shoes for dance fitness enthusiasts, just to look while doing it.

1 Elbow and Knee Padding

Women should never forget their elbow and knee padding to keep their joints safe during heavy lifting session.
*Joint pain is one of the prevalent problems in women and to fight with it, they should load up on Omega 3 fatty acids, which are known to reduce joint inflammation.

Now that you know what makes a perfect women’s fitness wardrobe, check out your retailer today and see whether they have introduced any new collection from their wholesale activewear manufacturer. Hurry!


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