Understanding The Key Factors of Athletic Clothes

We have all appreciated and discussed the growth of the activewear industry. But seldom have we understood the numbers and the need for the industry to grow. How are activewear apparels different from the regular ones? Let us know more.

How is an Activewear Classified?

  • Activewear can be primarily classified as a piece of clothing that is worn specifically during workout sessions like yoga, running, walking, aerobics and other regimes.
  • The most common apparels that are included in the activewear category can be identified as t-shirts, shorts, tights, tank tops, hoodies, sports bras, tracksuits, and joggers.
  • The earliest activewear pieces were constructed using cotton. As time progressed, fitness clothing manufacturer, started blending different fabrics together to offer the maximum amount of functional qualities.
  • The modern activewear clothes are made of technical fabrics. They essentially still are constructed using the blend of different fabrics, however, the technicality of these fabrics is highlighted much.
  • From wicking moisture to looking trendy, the modern activewear is everything that a fitness enthusiast can ask for.So now that you can differentiate between an activewear and a regular cloth, it will become easier for you to understand the trends.

The Stats are Mind-Boggling

The net revenue earned from the fitness-fashion industry in 2012 was 135 billion dollars (USA). In 2017 the number went up to 168 billion dollars. The projected income from the industry in 2018 is stipulated to be 174.42 billion dollars and by 2024, the annual income is expected to rise to 221.08 billion dollars.

The numbers are overwhelming but true nonetheless. While the speculated income is growing, the number of people participating in the fitness bandwagon and buying the fitness-fashion apparels has grown up significantly. This has led to the expansion of the industry.

Let us delve deeper into the topic to understand the trends of the market.

One of the Biggest Reasons For the Expansion of the Numbers is..

The global activewear industry is fragmented with a large number of brands, both basic and high-end, competing with other to remain at the top, trying to earn the highest shares. This is primarily fanned by the constant need of the fashion-forward fitness-obsessed millennial to get versatile clothes. One that they could wear all day and also during working out.

This Leads to the Second Reason..

The clothing industry, be it fashion or fitness-fashion, is run by the demands and preferences of the consumers. As mentioned, the young generation needs something that is versatile, which means it has a wider functionality with the equal amounts of fashionable qualities. Anything that falls short of that is rejected by them. So people want new things every day, week and month. This has influenced the manufacturers to expand their horizons and work harder.

Last But not the Least..

People have become extremely conscious about their health. So as long as people keep working hard, they will need clothes, and fitness-fashion clothes fit the profile well.

Hence, it can be concluded that there are quite a few reasons that are working together and influencing the growth of activewear industry. Popular private label fitness apparel manufacturer has the best pieces in the industry. The retailers can purchase them in bulk at discounted prices and sell it to their respective customers.

The cycle goes on and on, and this has led the activewear industry to become one of the largest ones in the world economy.