Top 21 Activewear Options to Hit the Gym in Style

In the workout journey, breaking a sweat and living up to a disciplined regime is mandatory. However, it can also get a bit tough and monotonous when you are midway and feel doses of motivation are the need of the day to brighten you up. Making the entire activity fun can just be the right kind of motivation you require. So, to let your dopamine dance to help you complete those sets of pilates, push yourself for the next set of squats or jumping jacks how you deck up matters! Put to rest your slouchy self and shove off those staple black and gray workout clothes. Looking and feeling confident is the key and there are no two ways about it. So here are 21 dope styles that will enable you to hit the gym in your fashionable avatar. It’s time to fuse fashion and fitness, so why not try these styling options?

The One-Shoulder Inner Wear

For ultimate comfort and style the one-shoulder sports bra is the perfect picture. It provides the right kind of support to your bust and helps you to do the stretches. This one-sider sports bra comes in various colors so pick a bright one to lift up the spirit. Pair bandanas or cute matching headbands with such attires.

Tank Top with Back Knot

The tie-back tank tops are much in vogue these days. It flaunts your back keeping the subtle game on. The back can be of lace or mesh and especially the V-neck mesh is pretty much topping the charts. Such fabric adds to the comfort zone and the lightweight is easy to carry. These come in super soft fabrics so your lightweight exercises have the perfect partner.

Neon-Colored Sports Bra

In recent years, the neons have become really trendy. Wearing neon colors like pink, green, or yellow to your workouts can add that energized vibe to your workout session. Being a part of the dopamine dressing culture, these colors are sure mood boosters and help you to workout for those extra stretches when needed.

different types of sports bra

Workout Skirts

Replete with feminine charm and grace, workout skirts, allow your legs to breathe. Go for the pleated skirts that have pockets so that you can keep your knick-knacks inside. So, if you playing a sport or working out in the gym the skirt look will add some newness to the workout wardrobe. Complete the look with your favorite pair of glasses if outdoors.

Short Top and Shorts

Casual, comfortable, and easy is what this look aspires for. If you are a regular and need a no-brainer attire yet want to look good then this is your pick. A short black top with a pair of shorts can be great workout wear. The moisture-wicking fabric of these active wears will help you feel easy to prolong the regime.

Lightweight Jackets

These layering options work out best for winters or chillier months when you need to exercise but the subtle chill can get you. Also, as great layering options, these light jackets complement tank tops or even your sports bras. Choose subtle colors to pair the more colorful ones inside or vice versa as you need to play with contrasting hues.

High-Neck Bras with Long Lines

These are best for plus-sized women as the high neck will provide support to your bust areas. As an activewear top, this pairs well with any kind of lower. Choose dark shades as they will add a lot of vibrancy to your look. You can pair your high-neck bras with a shrug or a jacket as well when you leave your place to hit the gym.

Leggings with Covered Heels

Well this style is definitely a new addition to your workout wardrobe and this one is a show stopper. With its unique over-the-heel look, these leggings are best for smooth stretches or leg exercises. Covering your feet, this legging also provides the best grip for your feet. These come in various patterns and the floral or the pastels are making quite a strong style statement.

different types of leggings

Raging racer Backs

The racer back tops have straps in the middle of your shoulder making it look like an X shape. This kind of style is seen on both crop tops as well as tank tops. Racerbacks always provide extra support than regular sports bras. Women with larger busts can go for such upper wear for their workout clothing.

Tie and Dye Crop Top

Tie and die prints look very funky and have a cool vibe to them. For training purposes, these active gears are a great choice. Apart from the comfort that these provide, they also amplify the style quotient to a whole new level. Tie and dye co-ord sets are also available which makes one look all set to rock the cardio session in full spirit.

Crossover Leggings

This kind of leggings has a high waist and also comes with pockets. The fabric is stretchable provides ultra-comfort and can be the perfect workout partner. The high waist provides a grip to the hip so that the jumping jacks and squats can be performed properly. Also, the V stitch of these pants makes flexibility a seamless add-on.

Workout Two Pieces

In the mood for a bold outfit? Well, the two-piece set can be your pick then. Be it an outdoor exercise session or indoor, these two-piece sets can set the base on fire. Seeing your abs curve or the leg muscles flex can be a great motivation. Also, Instagram posts come out real so how about posing for a cool hashtag like #postworkoutglory in your favorite two-piece?

Comfortable Joggers

What is your OOTD look? Well, a pair of super soft joggers can work wonders. These joggers come with pockets for your phone or your keys and have a quaint balance between being too baggy or too body-hugging. Feel relaxed in this activewear and get ready for a really nice cardio.

Patterned Tank Tops and Leggings

Well this set looks absolutely stunning in all its geometric patterns and quirky designs. Go for a bright green and blue set that spells energy and high spirit. Feel that extra beat of energy during your strength training session when you wear this vibrant set. Also, the patterns can help you look curvaceous as they cut down on the bulk and give a contoured look.

Cropped Hoodies

Wearing a cropped hoodie can also be a very cool and stylish wear to choose from. There’s also an unknown fact of wearing hoodies apart from the fashion quotient. It is to create that extra warmth that helps to warm up quickly. It also helps you to feel very comfortable during intense workout sessions. So be it for fashion or purpose hoodies are an absolute must in your workout wardrobe.

stylish fitness clothing

Contoured Co-Ord Sets

These sets bring out the feminine charm and also hug the contours seamlessly flaunting the shape. Pick an ombre-toned set that is comfortable and body-hugging. Go for a tight bun look with such a workout set to get a bold and clean look. You can also pair your fitted tank tops with seamless leggings to get this look.

Floral Sport Bras

These absolute stunners can instantly make you smile. The graceful vibe can create an energetic aura that will help you in your workout session. A messy bun or a French fishtail braid, a fitted legging, and maybe a racerback flora sports bra can change the entire vibe of your workout and work as great motivation apart from making you score high in the style meter.

Workout Dresses

This can be an all-new addition to your workout wardrobe. The no-fuss one-piece short dress is made up of extremely soft fabric that helps you to do the stretches comfortably. Both functional and fashionable this can be your mid-week wear to your workout session. These dresses come with adjustable noodle straps so that you can wear them according to your requirements.

Mock Neck Upper Wear

The mock neck upper wear makes you look cool yet keeps you warm and is appropriate activewear for the chillier months if they are full sleeves. For other months, you can go for the sleeveless look. Pair the mock neck uppers with cotton leggings or comfortable joggers depending upon the kind of workout you will be doing.

Biker Shorts and Crop Tops

Be it hiking, running, or doing your pilates, the biker shorts are the go-to activewear. They help you look amazing and feel comfortable. The bike shorts come in various prints and patterns. The shorts have a very high waist and are over your midriff. Pairing with a crop top will make you look uber cool.

Dual-Toned Body Suits

Heading for your yoga class? Get dressed in a two-toned trendy half-body suit. These are charting the workout fashion list and look like absolute stunners. The shaded double tone adds a lot of character to your look. Glamour comes easy with this look if you get some braids done and set for the session.

stunning gym clothes

Fitness fashion is vast and there’s a style for every mood. Every day in the week can be a fun workout day if you choose various styles to flaunt depending upon how you want to navigate the vibe of your workout. Choose your favorite pairs and show up at your gym or for your workout session and be assured to have the best session. Also, just a fun fact, looking good has a direct link with an uplift in the overall mood so dressing up can be a real game changer when you embrace to shed those extra kilos or do those stretches for an amazing body. Stay fashionable, stay fit! If you are dealing in fitness clothing and want to source some of the best stock for your store, then go for a globally acknowledged activewear manufacturer