The Ultimate Yoga Clothing Guide For The Beginner Millennials

Long before fashionistas dreamt up the concept of the athleisure trend most of the women were found referring to comfy and savvy yoga clothing as their go -to lounge clothes. Most of the celebrities were found wearing yoga clothes with designer bags and fancy shoes as this was the trend of the moment. Fast forward to the present day the basic yoga clothing has been through a transformation ultimately rendering it a lot more fashionable and versatile to wear. Hence, find out about the latest look book in the blog below and find out what makes the yoga clothing tick.

The mesh looks

Mesh and net are the two details that definitely sounds like good news for all the yogis. The breathable fabric looks good on the street and can be paired nicely with other types of casual clothing and shoes. The mesh detail has another advantage for the yogis, given that it can allow air to pass through the fabric keeping you fresh for a longer period of time.

The shredded look

Another method of ventilation during the workout can be achieved with the help of the shredded look. This yoga outfit style is actually uber cool and most importantly perfect for the summers when you have to spend a lot of time outdoors. Not just in case of tops but you can also opt for such yoga leggings that is ripped around the knees for added mobility.

Bold prints

Prints, motifs, patterns have always been a favorite of all. You’ll generally find these designs on dresses, off shoulder tops or even pants. Hence it has been incorporated in the yoga clothing as well. Be it tropical leaves, Aztec print or even animal paw, wearing one of these and nailing the Vrikasana can be a rewarding experience.

Not just pants

The traditional structured yoga pants have taken a backseat and made way for the stirrup leggings, compressed shorts, and capri pants. In fact, you can also find yoga leggings that has cool lace detailing which makes it all the more versatile to be worn with other clothing as well. Think about a trench coat and a satin top combo with the leather leggings on a dull winter day.

Brallete and crop tops

Initially when it came to activities like yoga or Pilates the general sports bras used to be an elastic bralette that had supportive cups on the chest area. But now the situation has changed, thanks to the popular manufacturers. Nowadays the bras are available in many colorful patterns and trendy designs. In fact, you can also find crop tops with built in sports bras that can be worn otherwise as well.

Retailers who want to include such yoga-oriented clothing in their store can get in touch with one of the popular fitness clothing manufacturer. All you have to do is browse through the collection of unique clothing pieces and state the bulk needs to the help team. In fact, you can also get affordable and customized clothing under private label fitness apparel manufacturers.