The Five Clear Rules of Wearing Yoga Pants

In the world of fashion in recent years, yoga pants have caused great hype. Be it yoga tights, yoga shorts, or yoga leggings— yoga pants are a must-have for daily life. When it comes to rocking your own pair of yoga pants, it’s essential to know what’s acceptable and what’s not.

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The Yoga Pants Come With Certain Rules and Regulations and Here, These Rules are not Meant To be Broken!

There Shouldnt Be any Muffin Tops

You of course want to ensure your yoga tights are not too tight. You will get a muffin top which will really make your body look less attractive in front of others if you go for a waistband that is smaller than your waist. There are many yoga pants out there that come with a broader waistband that prevents this issue quite effectively.

No Holes and Transparency

You have to check whether they are see-through before you actually go out in them. Ensure that nobody is able to see your underwear as nothing is more embarrassing than people making out the lines of your panty, or worse, the color. If you think of going with white yoga pants then make sure your underwear is a different shade. See to it that there are no holes in the crotch area when you are buying and wearing yoga pants.

Kindly Go For a Thong

If you like wearing tight yoga pants outside your home, then make sure you have chosen the thongs as well. Put in some effort and wear a thong if you want to sport tight yoga pants outside your home or the studio.

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No Tight Yoga Pants For Men

Men should never wear tight yoga pants until and unless into ballet. Yoga pants are not really gender-restricted, still, it will be better if you always throw on a pair of regular-fit yoga pants.

Say Yes To The Breathable Yoga Pants

Unfortunately, some of the more ‘’style-oriented’’ manufacturers sell skin-tight yoga pants that are made of such cheap materials that give your skin little to no room to breathe. Whenever you are buying one, make sure that you don’t end up with one of these pants as they will not only make you sweat but would be terrible for your skin.

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