Leotard Trends To Include In Your Stock Collection This 2020

Leotards may be the everyday uniform of the ballet greats, but it is officially the new wardrobe claim and an essential as well. They look great with a tutu and pointy shoes but they are just as perfect after slipping them under a pair of jeans or a no-tuck apparel with a fussy skirt. You can call it a body suit, a maillot, one piece or by having an alternative nickname for the top.

Lucky for the world, the fashion universe has taken on to the one-and-done favorite, the range of styles for the leotard is currently over the wildest of dreams, and of course there will always be the stretchy simple tank, tee, or a long sleeved dress. But today we still have silk capris, cotton button-downs and a swimmer as a street wear. A chic top with this will also seal the look for you. The leading gymnastics leotard manufacturer is coming up with the latest pieces of wholesale leotard pieces that you can add to your collection. Take a look at the trends available:


In spite of mesh being a delicate fabric, it is most often seen on leotards more than ever in a sea of colors and tones. Most commonly seen in the sleeves or upper bodies. It caters to an interesting contrast between the normal leotard fabrics. They are often very mature and looks sophisticated.


Ombre has been a trend for throughout the year but not that much for leotards. The gradient color has been spotted on t-shirts, sweaters, jeans and even full sleeve shirts. The relatively new design for leotards, yet the color change adds a subtle look to a gymnasts leotard and might just stick around as a trend for sometime now!


Neons especially in green have become the most popular amongst the recently added ones. The pops of colors are easy to spot out and caters to making a big statement. The clothes are very comfortable too which will not cause your skin to chafe or scratch!

The leading quality swimwear wholesale manufacturers are coming up with the best pieces for your store. Go get them now!

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