Does Compression Clothing Really Work

The use of compression clothing among triathletes has become almost the norm. It appears that most opponents are using some type of compression clothes for the majority of races, especially on the run.

As opposed to pneumatic compression clothing, which needs a sportsperson to be tethered to a device that deflates and inflates air bladders in sequence, compression clothing is meant to be used throughout the activity. The upsurge in the popularity of this type of clothing from a reliable compression clothing manufacturer is driven by some really notable marketing, nevertheless, you might have noticed that these advertisements never really make any specific claims about enhanced performance or recovery linked with the use of their products.

The Question is, Do These Clothes do What They Claim to do? 

Psychological Perks

The one part in which compression kit carries on to be shown to have positive impacts is the psychological advantage. Folks like the way they look in compression clothing, and they like the way compression clothing feel. Whilst we don’t want to lessen the significance of these psychological effects, it’s worth noting that in all likelihood, the key advantage compression clothing offer is a healthy boost of self-confidence.

Muscle Pain

The last recovery problem that has been looked at considerably is the impact of the use of compression clothing on the incidence of DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness. DOMS is a consequence of workout-induced muscle damage and comes about from subsequent swelling and inflammation that happens within the muscle cells, as the damage is being repaired and cleared out. To date, none of the many pieces of research to look into this question have shown any advantage to the use of compression clothing in lessening the incidence, duration, or severity of DOMS.


The other key theoretical advantage for compression clothing is that it can help in damage prevention and have a role in promoting recovery after an intense or prolonged workout. Concerning the former, there are no great researches to support this. As for recovery, there are some optimistic findings to suggest that revival is enhanced when using compression gear, but here again, there is a discrepancy and it does not appear to be real across sports.

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