Cool Colors and Prints for Spring/Summer Activewear This 2024

If you are finally like ‘’My fitness wardrobe is starting to feel a bit dull after months of fallen leaves, howling winds, and gray, cloudy skies, what to do?’’, you are in luck since spring/summer fitness wear trends are here.

Oversized activewear variety, ‘air-con’ fabrics, and sheer forms are ruling the fitness fashion scene. Taking inspiration from the spring/summer runway shows, manufacturers have already started to incorporate chiffon and mesh in fitness clothing pieces to make them more fun, cheerful, and exciting for the health-conscious divas and hunks looking for something different this time.

Wondering about the colors? As you know, spring has always been associated with green, yellow, pink, and red. So, these colors will continue to rule no doubt. However, the bold and vibrant neon hues, the Pantone color of the year, i.e. peach fuzz, and minimalist shades such as icy blue, luscious lilac, and cyber lime will be huge this year.

Roses are back in full bloom. Going perfectly in harmony with the spirit of the spring, details such as rosy motifs, applique in 3D roses, and other rosy embellishments are used in activewear pieces.

Want to know which spring/summer activewear products and prints are trending right now? Read on.

activewear trends for spring or summer

Bodysuits: A Constant Activewear Staple

A fitness bodysuit blends the functionality and comfort of fitness clothing while offering a sleek and fashionable silhouette. Over the last few years, this versatile clothing piece has seen increased use both in and out of the gym. Known for their comfort and flexibility, bodysuits are often crafted from sweat-wicking materials to wick moisture away from your body during a workout session. They are also a great layering piece. You can wear a fitness bodysuit both during the day as well as during workouts.

To get the most out of one, choose something in a spring/summer color like vibrant orange or blush pink and breathable materials as it will offer both a pretty, sleek silhouette and functionality. Going for such a bodysuit, you can wear it in both a yoga class as well as on a brunch date.

Oversized Hoodies: Back with A Bang

It’s not the 90s anymore but oversized hoodies have made a grand comeback this year. Fitness enthusiasts have already been loving it. Why? It’s because of the reasons like:

  • They offer a chic look both while exercising as well as for casual events.
  • Since the loose fit is comfortable, it lets your skin breathe.

While they have been a staple in streetwear for some time now, get ready to make them a part of your fitness wardrobe this year. The best part about oversized hoodies is they go with pretty much anything. Also, not just restricted to the workout sessions but you can wear them almost anywhere. You can look your best in your girl group when you wear an oversized hoodie featuring mini rose motifs.

Rompers: The Ultimate Game-Changers

This year, activewear rompers are taking center stage. Yes, you heard that right. If you have been sacrificing fashion for comfort for a long time, you can bid adieu to those depressing days. The activewear or fitness rompers provide a fresh perspective on staying active.

In this fast-paced world, fitness wear has evolved far beyond the confines of the gym and is no longer limited to the concept of just achieving a fit body but is also about appearing great while doing so. The fitness rompers promise a seamless and cool transition from the yoga mats to the city streets. You can rock a chic one-piece in a peach fuzz derivative such as apricot or rosy shell pink both in your workout sessions as well as when out with your friends. If it’s the latter, consider pairing them with trendy sweatpants.

Wide-Legged Pants: The Embodiment of Fashion and Comfort

Wide-legged pants have been generating a buzz. Though similar in texture to yoga pants, they offer an alternative style and looser fit to conventional activewear. They combine the practicality and comfort of fitness clothing with the style of everyday wear. As they can be worn both during training sessions as well as for casual activities, they are rising in popularity. If you want you can pair them with sneakers for a casual look or dress them up with heels. Whether you are picking a pair of 70s-inspired flared high-waisted pants or a unique baggy pair, make sure they are in coral or atomic tangerine to give off the very spring/summer vibe. And if you are someone who is not really a trend follower, you can always go for the minimalist colors that lie somewhere in between such as staple grey.

spring activewear trends 2024

Jumpsuits: An Unconventional Activewear Piece

Active jumpsuits, especially in the light or dark peach color look oh-so-beautiful. They are smartly combining fashion, functionality, and comfort. Whether for outdoor activities or working out at the gym, they are becoming the ideal companion for ladies who like to lead an active lifestyle. The combination of eye-soothing designs, top-notch materials, and a comfortable fit makes them a must-have in every fitness wardrobe. This year, jumpsuits in neon colors are also getting insanely popular as such shades help a fashion-forward woman make a bold style statement.

Sports Bras: Combining Innovation with Functionality

Women who have been looking for innovative yet functional sports bras, your prayers have been heard as this year, sports bras with exquisite holes, diagonal straps, shoulder strap overlay, custom pleats, and letter ribbon decoration are going to be big. These unique features will offer you an alluring look while enhancing the practicality of the bras. Imagine a sports bra with a hint of sheer here and there. So pretty, isn’t it?

Now, let’s talk about the prints. Want to know which ones to go for? Keep reading.

trendy prints for 2024

Neutral Polka Dots

Polka dots are classic and timeless. And this year, they are appearing on different neutral bases. Are you a retro lover? In that case, it’s time to celebrate. After all, seeing this 50s favorite back in the limelight, you will be more than just happy to sport them in your activewear pieces, won’t you?

Harlequin Motifs

It’s so true when they say, ‘’Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’’. This year, they will be a reliable companion for women in the print department as well. The harlequin motifs come with a serious staying power. They will give every product a playful feel without being too much. Exercising in a fun, frivolous fitness ensemble will be something, don’t you think?

Swirl Prints

Also known as the wave or ripple effect, the swirl print sometimes seems like a splash of one or multiple colors. If you happen to be a bold, maximalist dresser, you are going to fall for this one. Whether it’s a sports bra, romper, or wide-legged pants, this print will give you an interesting look while you sweat hard and burn some calories.

Animal Prints

Zebra, snake, or the more popular leopard print— animal prints are back in fashion, fitness enthusiasts. Have you always had a soft corner for these prints? You can now go officially crazy matching them with your solid-colored fitness tops or bottoms.

Graphic Florals

Lately, monochrome, punchy florals are seen on the runways in different ways. So, you can guess what an impact they can create when you go for them. Either in simple black and white form or with a pop of color, they are going to look amazing when you combine them with your fitness pieces.

Curved Lines

The wavy or curved lines are attracting a large number of people. They are being sported either in a clear form or in a more abstract manner. You can create an exciting activewear print-clash appearance around this pattern.

So, throwing on fitness clothing items from any of a fitness clothing manufacturer that give off the very spring/summer vibes, you will not only look lovely and enjoy your workout sessions even more but they will also help you to achieve your fitness goals in double-quick time!