Can Compression Shirts Help With Shoulder Pain In Athletes?

The most movable joint in the body? It’s the shoulder. However, did you know that it’s also an unstable joint because of its range of motion? In athletes, shoulder pain and injuries are quite common because of activities that include overhead, repetitive, excessive motion like weightlifting, pitching, tennis, and swimming.

In an athlete, issues in the shoulder involve tendons, ligaments, and muscles, instead of the bones. And the reason? Why do the shoulder pain and injuries develop? It’s because of constant and intensive training routines.

While seeking the help of trained medical professionals definitely helps, if you are wondering “Do compression shirts help with shoulder pain as well?”; then the answer is yes. They do!

Compression Shirts Helping Shoulder Pain?

A compression shirt not only targets your shoulders but your upper back as well to help relieve the pains and aches you deal with on a regular basis.

The compression shirts engineered specially by the manufacturers with the help of quality fabrics and new-edge technology, pull your shoulders back and improve your posture naturally. Your body feels healthier and your posture turns straighter with less slouching. Also, special compression shirts help your posture by stimulating relevant muscles to either contract or lengthen.

Compression shirts by applying light compression lessen swelling which potentially can lessen the buildup of excess fluid and reduce inflammation. This increases blood flow. Excess fluid and inflammation can hinder recovery and with enhanced blood flow, more nutrients and oxygen are delivered, thus speeding up the recovery.

Enhanced blood flow is especially important for your shoulders as it’s already a dense area that receives limited blood flow in comparison to other regions in your body.

Compression shirts and sleeves both work wonders here, but the shirts are found to be more effective.

A Pro Tip:

Though a compression shirt will be good enough to treat the shoulder pain, if you still experience issues, then try wrapping your shoulder with an elastic medical bandage as it will help lessen the pain and swelling. You can either use a regular ACE bandage or a cold compression bandage.

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