Sustainable Athletic Wear: Why Every Fitness Wardrobe is Going Green

As sustainability is hitting the fast fashion approach in full force and becoming a part of people’s style wear views, the athletic or fitness industry is also catching up. A recent survey showed that while 82% of people are willing to pay more to get organic athletic wear (made out of 100% recycled materials) for exercise, 28% of people want only ethically-produced athletic wear. The manufacturers are working hard to cater to the demands and bring collections that are both gentle on the planet as well on the people.

Is sustainable athletic wear just a hot trend? Well, it is not just about being the current style and trend but in general, organic and recycled fabrics are best for the environment and people. Recycled polyester and organic cotton are planet-friendly.

In this blog, you will know why more and more people are shifting to sustainable athletic wear and why you should too if you haven’t considered it seriously yet.

Makes Use of Less Energy and Resources

While fast fashion negatively impacts the planet, the creation of stylish yet sustainable athletic wear has a lesser to no bad impact on the environment. Traditional techniques need a lot of energy and resources to produce, and of course, excessive hazardous pesticides and chemicals. Sustainable athletic wear crafted out of organic cotton largely lessens water pollution and its usage. Additionally, upcycled or recycled materials take advantage of the energy already used to generate the original fabrics leading to a decrease of about 70% less energy.

Doing Great to Lessen Greenhouse Emissions

Do you know that unfortunately, the textile industry is responsible for around 10% of the global greenhouse emissions? The eco-conscious manufacturers, by using biodegradable and certified recycled materials are producing sustainable athletic wear that is helping a lot to lessen the use of crude-oil-based materials and is thus ultimately leaving a much smaller carbon footprint. A top-rated sustainable athletic wear manufacturer uses only 100% certified recycled materials and safe-to-use technology to bring a massive range of comfortable wholesale sustainable athletic wear!

Sustainable Athletic Wear = Better Salaries and Labor Conditions

For many athletic industry laborers, unfair wages and poor working conditions are also major issues. The earth-friendly fashion supporting manufacturers are doing their best here as well, by offering good and healthy working conditions to the workers, thus bringing a positive change. After all, understanding their plight and providing humane working conditions is what can lead to a healthy and stylish fitness wear production and that is what people want.

Greater and Safer Qality Products

Sustainable athletic wear is also about getting premium-quality and safest products and caring more about the planet. Recycled materials like polyamide and polyester retain all the technical characteristics of the actual materials and perform just as fine. With an increasing number of people and companies realizing the need for sustainability, it is very much possible that sustainable athletic wear and the eco-friendly techniques to create them will improve more in the future.

Playing the Part

To protect the environment, plastics have become one of the major headaches today. As plastic isn’t biodegradable, it can continue to exist for an infinite number of years and pollute the earth. People are understanding this and doing their part by opting for sustainable athletic wear such as sustainable bras, organic leggings, ethical workout sets, and so on. Doing this assures fewer plastics are going to end up in oceans and landfills ultimately.

Sustainable athletic wear lasts longer and going for them always, you give no chance to plastics killing marine life or polluting the land.

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