Styling Activewear As Everyday Wear: 5 Noteworthy Suggestions

Activewear is so comfortable, isn’t it? And it’s not wrong if you wish you can wear them all the time. However, you know that if you do such a thing, every fashion expert around you is going to give you “a look“. So, the best alternative? Know about styling with activewear pieces as your daily wear. In this way, you can wear them anywhere you want without attracting any awkward stares.

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Here are the Five ultimate ways:

Adding a Jacket

You can easily break up a conventional activewear combination like a tracksuit by adding extraordinary elements to it, such as a jacket. An outerwear tied around your waist is a chic way to style your activewear into everyday wear. To go for a refreshing look, opt for something that features a bold color, interesting textures, or patterns. A flannel jacket works great with most athletic clothing. Nowadays, since a wide variety is available, you will easily be able to pick out one that complements your outfit nicely.

While Showing Skin…

Exposed midriffs with track pants are fine but it’s impossible to play subtle when you are in a sports bra, boot shorts, and sneakers. No matter what kind of accessories and jackets you go for, nothing can help you cover the embarrassment that you will face. If you are into skin shows, then make sure the pieces you are wearing, can at least keep your butt hidden. Match it with a long jacket such as a varsity jacket, windbreaker, or sports jacket to make it more appropriate for daily wear.

Stick To Neutrals

A neon green sports bra and patterned leggings scream activewear from every angle. So, to keep it simple as well as effortless, pick a neutral palette that works for different kinds of places. Nudes, white, and black will transition your activewear to everyday wear in no time. To make things more fun and exciting, choose monochromatic patterns or a cropped cut. It will give you a chic, suitable, and comfortable outfit.

A Clean And Fresh Outfit

Heading straight to the cafe from the gym? Wearing sweaty shirts and leggings is a huge giveaway that you have just had an intense workout. You can prevent this from happening. How? Make sure your activewear is in pristine condition. The best way to ensure this is by investing in such pieces always that are constructed out of breathable, moisture-wicking materials.

Trust a Mesh Top

Want to know about the fastest and the easiest way to change your activewear into everyday wear? Slide on an airy yet fashionable mesh top. These tops look great with just about anything. And, inside the gym, other than looking stylish, they can work well to offer your assets a nice amount of ventilation.

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