Slay It In Style Combining Activewear with Fashion Pieces on New Years Eve

Well, it is that time of the year when you look back and think forward at the same time. There is a tendency to hold on and anticipate as well while welcoming the all ‘new’ with full gusto. Post-Christmas after spending good time with family, friends and satiating our taste buds with lots of yummy food, we prep up to welcome the New Year. The top fashion choices for burning the dance floor on Year’s eve are usually full of oomph, feminine grace and sultriness ruling the scene, but how about giving such looks a makeover with performance wear? Let’s find out some of the combinations you can try to set your own fashion rules with activewear pieces dearly hugging you tight on the scintillating New Year’s Eve.

Favorite Leggings/Yoga Pants with An Oversized Sweater/Tunic

Leggings are no doubt the go-to bottoms that almost every woman is in love with and so are the yoga pants. So, you can go for printed leggings or solid-colored ones based on your preference. Remember not to go too loud with prints and quotes and bold colors in both your top and bottom unless you want to go all out and be tagged as flashy. For example, you can go for a pair of midnight blue leggings with cut-outs near the hem from your leggings collection and pair it with a mint hued oversized sweater with a quirky quote on New Year embossed on the chest. If you are going for a yoga pants with rhinestone, then let the tunic be very subtle. You can choose a pastel color or sport prints that evoke a very subtle vibe. So, get ready to groove this New Year’s Eve in your own chosen style.

new years eve outfit ideas

Go Brave with Co-ord Sets

The co-ord sets are much in vogue and the trend is going to go a long way for sure! When we think about co-ord sets, the similarity of the color combination, design and more hits the mind. However, why not reimagine the same co-ord sets in a new way? Go for a bold move and a clash of prints/colors. Make a mishmash of colors and prints by going out-of-the-box and make this traditional pairing a passe. The only tip is do ensure there is a thematic essence in the co-ord set you wear. If you are thinking that graduating to the dance floor with this look sans the blingy factor can make you fall an inch short in terms of creating your own style statement, then throw in a blingy jacket or
choose some glitter-loaded shoes to shine big in the New Year’s Eve party.

A Bold Puffer Jacket and Solid Bottoms

How about going that extra mile flaunting a sporty yet chic look? Well, to beat the chill in the air, sport a puffer jacket, but ditch the classic colors and go for a bold look. You can try a mix of orange and yellow, bubblegum pink and blue, cranberry red and mint green which are some of the coolest color options ruling the fashion scene. Put on a pair of canary yellow sneakers and a metallic cap to complete the look. Pop of bright colors in your accessories are just perfect when you are prepping up to welcome the New Year in style. So give self-confidence a boost and make the most of your fitness fashion choices is style.