How To Keep Your Running Clothing Clean And Odor-Free

Running may be great for your fitness but it’s tough on your running wear, no matter how good the running clothing manufacturers are in their work. All the dirt stains, grass, and repeated heavy washes can harm and destroy the material used in the construction of your running wear in little to no time. On top of that, the foul odor of your sweat can really affect your tees and shorts.

If you want to protect your running clothing and make sure it lasts for a long time, then follow the vital tips mentioned below:

TIP #1

Coming home from a run, you should put your favorite running pieces into the washer. If for some reason, this isn’t possible, then whatever you do, don’t keep them crumpled inside your mesh bag or hamper. The mildew and bacteria growing in a dark, nice spot will be impossible to remove otherwise. So, if you can’t wash them immediately, then at least leave them to dry completely. Hang them up.

TIP #2

Some running wear is engineered out of such materials that are special synthetics or moisture-wicking. And, fabric, especially in running or workout clothing is everything. If it gets destroyed, then there is nothing you can do except throw the product away. To make sure that your items last longer, ensure to read the labels first and understand how to clean the fabrics.

TIP #3

Most running clothing is made up of synthetic materials, and for synthetic materials, cold water is the best. As soon as you are back from running, try and wash them in cold water instantly. If you are lazy and wear them more than once between washes, then stains and a nasty odor will set, which you won’t be able to get rid of in any way.

TIP #4

Pre-treating your dirty running clothing can be very helpful. Before washing, use a spot cleaner or detergent on any kind of stains (be it from sweat or dirt). To make sure that the chemicals won’t damage the material, test it on a tiny spot first.

Always go for a running clothing-friendly detergent or spot cleaner.

TIP #5

Before throwing your clothes inside the washer, add a cup of baking soda to the water of your washer. Add a teaspoon of vinegar in the final cycle. Such natural deodorizers help you to deal with the stubborn sweat smells minus any harsh chemicals.

TIP #6

Dryers and synthetic materials never really go together. You can get the best results for your running clothing by simply hanging them up. Get them out in the sunshine.

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