Difference Between Compression and Encapsulation Sports Bras

To protect your breasts and make sure you have a comfortable workout, a supportive custom sports bra is absolutely vital. Your breasts are subjected to a much wider range of motion during exercise and keeping them contained to restrict that movement can prevent damage over time. With a breathable, soft, and non-bouncing sports bra, you can exercise comfortably.

Now, the two sports bra styles that are the most popular among ladies these days are compression and encapsulation. However, there are many who think that they are basically the same.

Are they?

NO. They are quite different from each other.

What Are Encapsulation Sports Bras?

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Encapsulation sports bras come with separate cups. They also feature underwire and most display adjustable straps and bands. This style is great for heavy-busted women as they support each breast individually. It helps ladies with larger breasts to lessen movement in every direction, therefore better protecting the cooper ligaments in the breasts. They help prevent breast sagging and pain. These bras are especially effective in high-intensity workouts such as plyometric training, running, and dancing. In addition, many ladies like the shaping advantage of having separated cups. As each breast is supported individually, they provide a more natural overall breast shape, in comparison to the compression sports bras. They offer a greater reduction in breast movement than compression sports bras. Ladies with smaller breasts can also go for them.

What Are Compression Sports Bras?

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These bras, as the name suggests, compress the tissues of the breast, firmly holding it closer to your torso. They work better for ladies with smaller breasts. Full-busted women can also go for them but only when engaging in low-impact workouts like Pilates or yoga. However, heavy-busted women might not like the look obtained from compression sports bras as they don’t separate the breasts at all. In addition, they are more likely to cause chafing from the breasts, rubbing up against each other, which is the result of the lack of separation. If you are a woman with bigger breasts and you still wish to get compression sports bras, ensure they come with adjustable straps and bands to get the most support and the best fit possible.

Compression bras are great at lessening projection movement. They are more suitable for low and medium-impact activities.

Are Encapsulation Sports Bras Better?

Encapsulation sports bras offer better results than compression sports bras at cutting down on breast movement during workouts. Why? This is because of the fact that the former slows down motion in three planes, whereas the latter lessens movement in just one plane.

What Should You Opt For?

If you are a heavy-busted woman with the need for the ultimate support during a workout, then go for the encapsulation bras, and if you have smaller breasts, then the compression sports bras will be ideal for you. Pick your perfect sports bra from the seasonal collections available in the market.